Industrial Automation

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When it comes to programming for industrial automation, communication is key. Central Industrial Automation, LLC will sit down with your entire team, going over all the issues you're having on your production line. From there, we'll put together innovative solutions that will help you improve your business's operations. We work with both small-scale and large-scale clients in the Fresno, Fremont & Visalia, CA area.

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3 fundamentals of industrial automation

There's a lot that goes into computer programming and robotics, and our team stays true to the three fundamentals. These include...

Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
PLC is an indispensable part of industrial automation services. These are the brains of the facility and need to be programmed by an experienced professional.
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
By incorporating VFDs into your process, you can increase the efficiency and reliability of your production line. Our experts will handle all the programming for your industrial automation to optimize its performance.
Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Our HMIs give all of your employees the ability to control robotics on your industrial line. However, robotics are only as good as their programming, so you need an expert team like us.

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