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If you run your own production line, you understand how important efficiency is for your bottom line. By introducing industrial automation into your process, you can save money and increase your product output. That's where Central Industrial Automation, LLC comes in. We provide top-of-the-line industrial control services throughout the Fresno, Fremont & Visalia, CA area. We also serve clients in the San Jose, CA area.

Cutting-edge technology for your production line

At Central Industrial Automation, we take pride in our ability to innovate. We're one of the few companies in the Fresno, Fremont & Visalia, CA area that offers cutting-edge machine vision industrial control services. Machine vision is a great way to help companies improve their production's efficiency, accuracy and quality.

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Why should you invest in industrial automation?

With new developments occurring every day in the world of industrial control services, we're finding better and more efficient ways to manufacture. Our team specializes in programming robotics, computers, control modules and networking systems. To increase production, we focus on the three fundamental elements of industrial automation: Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

Using industrial automation can help you...

Reduce labor costs for your company

Increase your speed and quality of production

Create a uniform product for your customers

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