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Central Industrial Automation, LLC

Fresno Robot Integration Services, Scada Programming Services and Industrial Automation Services

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Industrial Automation

Central Industrial Automation, LLC offers clients industrial automation services designed to handle a wide diversity of tasks, applications, and processes. Our goal is to help you optimize your processes and gain greater control over your operations by delivering robust programming solutions that you can rely on for many years. Upgrade and simplify your industrial automation system with programming from one of the industry’s leading voices.

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Innovative Industrial Automation Solutions

Exciting new developments in industrial automation processes have made it possible to simplify and optimize production and manufacturing. We specialize in programming robotics, computers, control modules, and network systems to meet the needs of your operations. Our experienced industrial automation programmers focus on three fundamental elements:

  • PLC (programmable logic controls)
  • VFD (variable frequency drives)
  • HMI (human-machine interface)

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Industrial Automation Consultation

We take a communication-focused approach to programming. Sitting down with your team, we will work to understand the specific and concrete issues affecting your operations. Taking these issues as a starting point, we will work together to create innovative solutions to complex, multi-sided problems. We enable both large- and small-scale industrial clients to develop and optimize their assembly, process control, testing, and manufacturing processes.

We are a team of problem solvers. We are a team of innovators. We are an industry leader committed to helping you optimize processes and develop operational systems that are reliable and efficient.

PLC Programming for Industrial Automation

Also known as programmable logic controls, PLC is an indispensable part of industrial automation. PLCs are the brains of a facility and must be programmed by experienced professional PLC programmers.

We focus on reliability and robustness to offer clients versatile programming solutions for a range of applications. Our PLC programmers help factories, processing plants, and production facilities maintain a heightened level of system stability over time and gain greater control over automation systems.

VFD Commissioning for Industrial Automation

VFDs promise greater efficiency and reliability in assembly, production, HVAC, and other uses. In order to ensure that your VFD is properly programmed to suit your needs, you need the help of the VFD programmers at Central Industrial Automation, LLC. We will help maintain and optimize your automation system with innovative approaches to variable frequency drives.

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HMI Programming for Industrial Applications

Also known as human machine interface, HMIs are display screens and dashboards that give your employees the ability to control robotics and industrial processes. They are only as good as their programming—and we are the HMI programmers you need. We focus on efficiency and user-friendly designs that make it easy to train new employees on your systems.

Simplify your controls and eliminate inefficiencies related to human error with HMI programming from the industry leader!